2017 Walking Programme

Enjoy a day walk with us on the first Sunday of the month!

Our 2017 schedule of events is below or download a printable copy of the 2017 programme

For Sunday walks, meet at 9am outside Schnithouse Cafe (formerly Alfresco Café), 260 Rundle Street, Adelaide.
A cup of coffee is usual before departing, by sharing vehicles to the walk start.
Saturday walks – contact the walk leader for information.

Please contact the relevant walk leader for more information, and don't forget to read our notes at the bottom of this page for important information.


Sunday 5th - Anstey’s Hill Conservation Park
Grade: Medium
Walk Leader: David L -
0426 501 559

Saturday 18th - Mini-urban walk: Secrets of Enfield
Grade: Easy
Walk Leader: David T - 0426 472 160


Sunday 2nd - River Murray Heritage Trail
Grade: Easy
Walk Leader: Peter C - 0409 972 431

Thursday 6th - Dinner with Country Network
Grade: Social
Walk Leader: David T - 0426 472 160

Friday 14th - Monday 17th April (East Long Weekend)
Bimbowrie Conservation Park (near Olary) option of both walking and camping. Shearers’ quarters available.
Grade: Options
Walk Leader: David T - 0426 472 160



Sunday 7th - Wine Shanty Trail, Cleland Conservation Park
Grade: Medium
Walk Leader: Andrew H - 0406 037 474



Sunday 4th - Inner Southern Suburbs – Guided walk through historic Parkside, Unley, Unley Park and Goodwood
Walk Leader: David H -
0417 821 169


Sunday 2nd - Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park - Winaityinaityi Pangkara (Thompson Beach)
Walk Leader:Ian Bu -
0435 993 820



Sunday 6th - Pioneer Women’s Trail – Verdun to Beaumont
Grade: Hard
Walk Leader: Bart -
8243 2208

Saturday 19th - Bike Ride – Adelaide to Seaford
Grade: Hard
Walk Leader: Bart - 8246 2208



Sunday 3rd - Little Para River
Grade: Medium
Walk Leader: Merv -
0405 632 020

Sunday 16th - Mini-urban walk: North Adelaide Parklands
Grade: Easy
Walk Leader: Ian Br -
0413 045 196



Sunday 1st - Lavender Federation Trail – continuing from last year
Grade: Medium
Walk Leader: Warren - 8271 4986

Saturday 14th - Mini Urban Walk : Mini-urban walk: Historic Semaphore followed by afternoon tea at Coral Cottage.
Grade: Easy
Walk Leader: Paul M - 8341 6496

Friday – Monday 23,24,25th - Annual Camp – location to be announced
Grade: Social / Medium
Walk Leader: Keith - 8271 4986



Sunday 5th - Warren Conservation Park – Heysen Trail – Kersbrook
Grade: Medium
Walk Leader: Ivan -
0429 673 712

Thursday 9th - Planning Night
Grade: Social
Walk Leader: David T - 0426472160



Sunday 10th - Christmas BBQ Lunch

A time to reflect on the year that has passed, contemplate the year ahead and just eat, drink and be merry. Venue to be Advised.


Grade: Social


Organiser: David T - 0426472160



  • Social: Social Event.  No walking involved.
  • Easy: Flat landscape.  Suitable for all levels of fitness.
  • Medium: Some slopes or uneven land.  Some parts of the walk may be challenging, but most of it should be relatively easy for those with a medium level of fitness.
  • Hard: Work those glutes!  This calorie-burning hike includes steep inclines and/or undulating land for much of the walk!

Checklist for day walks:

Walks often take place in areas where no shops are available.  All food and drink should be carried with you on the hike, unless specifically stated otherwise.

  • Food: Lunch, nibbles
  • Drink: Plenty of water and any other non-alcoholic liquids required
  • Clothing: Please check the weather report for the day and wear clothes suitable to the climate. Wear sturdy walking shoes, socks, rain gear and/or other clothing suited to the environment (eg jeans or long pants may be suited to bush walks to protect your legs, but shorts may be more suitable for walks in the city parklands)
  • Protection: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, personal first aid kit, etc


Walkers participate in the walks on the basis that they are responsible for their own actions and decisions. The Happy Wanderers are not responsible for the condition of the trail, weather or wild life and cannot be held responsible for any accidents or events that may injure/damage walkers or their property.

The programme is subject to change without notice. Whilst this website will be kept as up to date as practicable, details of the actual walk will be provided on the day or by contacting the walk leader in the week leading up to the walk.The day walks are planned as a full day activity. The walk may finish late in the afternoon.

For further information, please contact the relevant walk leader.